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Now offering the Clarisonic Pro Skin Cleansing System with a 3-year product warranty - 1 year more than the "big box" store offer!


Guaranteed results that make your skin appear:
Smoother – Visibly improved texture by reducing fine lines and wrinkles
Tighter looking – Improved muscle tone
Brighter – Skin that reflects more light gives you a radiant glow
Clearer – Banish acneic blemishes and/or inflammation due to roseaca
Younger – More vibrant and healthier

Esthetics and Science – Blending science and esthetics delivers the best possible return on your investment: beauty from within. So what does that mean exactly? It means that skin cells which are the building blocks of skin, can be helped to stay healthy via the practice of esthetics. Healthier cells under the surface creates the possibility of healthier looking cells on the outside – the skin that we all see. So you start with beauty from within.

Vitality – Vitality is all about looking good and getting the most out of life. FaceTime SkinCare strives to restore, enhance, and renew the vitality of your skin. I practice esthetics for 3 reasons:

• to help you feel better about yourself
• to help you keep your skin looking just the way you want it to look
• I love what I do! (and so do my clients)

Come to the friendly and conveniently located Green Lake neighborhood where I have my practice. Parking is safe, easy and always available. Easy access to I-5 and Aurora Ave. Come with a friend and walk down to the lake to enjoy an hour of nature or relax at one of the quaint neighborhood coffee shops.

Appointments can be scheduled almost anytime that works for you. I have a no tipping policy.

Beautiful gift certificates available.