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My approach to skincare is to focus on building a strong epidermis which is your barrier and protector from the world. If your skin is well balanced with water, lipids, minerals, energy, collagen, elastin, and more, it will perform better when there is a problem that pops up.  Taking care of your skin should be easy - for some of you that may mean cleaning and using sunscreen, for others it may include several more steps.  The point here is that whatever you do it needs to match up with your commitment level in terms of time and money.  I will structure a program that will be in line with your criteria.


I have the tools and knowledge to get you wherever you want to go with your skin.  And I am always updating my knowledge base as the world of cosmetic chemistry is constantly changing.   You have my commitment to be abreast of the latest skincare techniques and product ingredients.

Located near Greenlake

Deborah Bonjouklian

Licensed Esthetician


"My philosophy about skin care emphasizes treatment of the whole person."